Letter from Dr. Shamma

To patients,

I am a board-certified dermatopathologist, a physician who is a subspecialist in the fields of pathology and dermatology and has pursued an accepted course of graduate study and clinical work above and beyond residency training and has demonstrated proficiency to the American Boards of Dermatology and Pathology. I did my fellowship under the tutelage of one of the giants of dermatopathology, the late Dr. A. Bernard Ackerman. Through him, I received a sound and solid base to my education.

From a patient’s perspective, dermatopathology focuses on the diagnosis of skin biopsies. I have been practicing dermatopathology full time since graduating from my fellowship in 1996. I bring to you tremendous experience; I have diagnosed around one million skin biopsies in my career. I have published in peer reviewed journals in my field and have taught many dermatology residents within the past fifteen years as a clinical associate professor at Wright State University. All of these experiences have made me a better dermatopathologist.

I will continue with your clinician’s care by providing a reliable diagnosis. To me, the patient is not just a case number, a billable code or a dollar sign. I practice dermatopathology with compassion in my heart knowing that behind every skin biopsy there is a human being. I will use my knowledge, medical judgment and experience to render a diagnosis that helps your physician to treat you properly and ultimately to achieve the best clinical outcome.

As a dermatopathologist, I am a consultant to your clinician. However, I want you to know that you have complete accessibility to your biopsy results. If you would like a copy of your biopsy results, please call us at (937) 412-4230 or fax your request to (937) 482-0542.

H. Nicholas Shamma, MD
Board certified Dermatopathologist