List of Services

Experience and Compassion

  • Board certified dermatopathologist with nearly 20 years of experience and one million cases diagnosed, who believes that behind every skin biopsy there is a human being


  • 24 hour turnaround time on routine cases


  • Complimentary shipping (UPS/FedEx) and biopsy supplies are available
  • Specialized testing; special stains, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence
  • Facilitate molecular testing if needed


  • Dermatopathologist is always available by phone or email to discuss your cases


  • Access your patients’ results through our IPWeblink from our website
  • Report faxing
  • Report remote printing
  • HL-7, HIPPA compliant, EMR interfacing
  • Extract patient demographics and insurance information from your billing or registration software through LK Connect

Slide preparation

  • Highly trained, certified and experienced technicians are available to prepare slides for you to interpret

Teaching for residents

  • Lectures and over microscope teaching is available
  • Our dermatopathologist has seen more than 28 residents in dermatology successfully graduate from Wright State University in addition to lecturing at national meetings

Mixed Tumor with Apocrine, Sebaceous and Follicular Differentiation c 10x

Benign adnexal neoplasm with mixed differentiation, predominantly follicular. (H & E)

S13-21438 Merkel Cell Carcinoma g CK20 d

Merkel cell carcinoma. (CK-20 perinuclear dot positivity)